Real estate is personal. 

So, we thought we’d introduce ourselves. We are a collective of Realtors, neighbors, volunteers, advocates, and friends. We work together in and out of work to advance the City of Indianapolis by helping more people find homes here and supporting organizations who are enhancing the vibrancy of this place. We understand the city—its distinct neighborhoods, culture, personality, and history—and want the best for it.

So, this is personal for us, too.

Our Values

Excellence - we value our clients' experience from start to finish, and we instill service and expertise into every relationship. People - we prioritize relationships over transactions and are generous with our resources. Integrity - we value honesty and forthrightness in all aspects of our work. Growth - we are committed to constant improvement and innovation. Balance - we strive to set proper boundaries in work and life. Civic Pride - we advocate for our city and our neighborhoods by supporting good work wherever we see it.




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