Angelica Brewer, Realtor

Angelica Brewer


Born and raised on Indianapolis' Northwest side, Angelica has ties to many communities across the city. She loves outdoor activities, yoga, reading, good vibes, and spending time with my two children, Brielle and William. Angelica's background is as a Critical Care Nurse in one of Indy's level 1 trauma centers. People & Real Estate have always been her two passions. In 2018, Angelica decided to transition into real estate to translate the skills that she has learned as an RN to help serve the city in a different capacity. She loves seeing the neighborhoods in this city blossom, and loves even more cultivating relationships with the people who make this city great! Angelica does specialize in working with medical professionals and relocating clients. She has developed a tailored program, Med Match Realty Program, specifically to anticipate and address the needs of these groups. Angelica is always excited to meet new people and is always down to chat over lunch, coffee, or a glass of wine!

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