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Austin Coon


Austin has been referring to himself as a Hoosier his entire life. He received his Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership at Hope International University in Minnesota and pursued his Masters in Israel. Throughout and after college Austin spent 10 years working in non-profit development, empowering donors to make the biggest impact possible through their own assets including real estate. Austin also owns a spokesperson marketing agency. Through this agency, he helps small businesses market their vision and will use his team to market your home.

On any given moment he may be seen knocking on doors throughout Indy looking for the next hidden gem for his investor clients.  He is passionate about transforming the worst house in the best neighborhood into the luxury listing on the block. If you dont know where to go to dinner, Austin has a rolling list of top restaurants throughout every part of Indianapolis. In his spare time Austin enjoys motivational speaking, training for the Indy 500 Mini-Marathon and working with non-profits. 

Whether you are looking for the best new dinner spot in town or wanting to go shopping for your new home with a new friend, you should shoot him a message! 

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