Britt Booram, Realtor, Indy Urban Advisors

Britt Booram

Realtor, Indy Urban Advisors

Britt's background includes nearly 10 years of recruiting top talent, from all over the US, to central Indiana. At the heart of Britt's practice is a desire to help individuals and families navigate major life decisions that turn their life/work, home, and investment dreams into reality. Highlights of Britt's experience include: 1) Providing customized city tours and Indianapolis community, real estate, and tourism resources to 100s of out of state clients, 2) Co-founding a network of industry professionals who offer support to families relocating to central Indiana, focused on job needs of dual career partners/spouses, 3) Training in diversity and inclusion to develop culturally-sensitivity practices, as well as relationships with allies in the Indianapolis community.

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